Taste of Hope 2017

04/27/2017 06:00 PM - 08:30 PM PT


Wellspring Women’s Center is hosting the third annual Taste of Hope event, Thursday, April 27, 2017 at the Center at Twenty-three Hundred, 2300 Sierra Blvd. This year’s event will coincide with our 30th Anniversary serving the Oak Park neighborhood as a drop-in center for women and children. With your continued support, Wellspring is able to provide critical services to an average of 200 guests each weekday. This neighborhood gathering place helps reduce isolation and loneliness by honoring our mission to provide hospitality with dignity and love. We do this by creating a sense of community for women and children experiencing poverty and its outcomes.


Wellspring operates four core programs: the Nutritious Meal Program, the Children’s Corner Program, the Women’s Wellness Program, and the Safety Net Services Program. The goals of these programs are to provide vulnerable women and children practical assistance combined with compassion and encouragement so they may better navigate life’s challenges.


Becoming a sponsor for Taste of Hope 2017 is a way you can support the continued efforts here at Wellspring. The event will feature an evening of great food, dynamic entertainment including a live auction put on by David Sobon & Associates, local wine and beer, and over 250 local supporters like yourself.


Looking back on 2016, donors helped Wellspring provide: 38,650 meals; 375 art therapy sessions to over 1,700 participants; $17,428 in art and craft supplies and workshops; 65,516 diapers; nearly 500 health screenings; 53,570 feminine hygiene products; 2,332 personal hygiene bags; over 8,000 social work contacts (counseling, case management, information, and referrals); 344 birthday gifts for guests; and a preschool like environment for nearly 600 different children.


Will you join us in spreading the message of hope this year? Tickets for this year's event are $100 per person. You will enjoy a wonderful evening featuring a live auction hosted by David Sobon & Associates, engaging speakers, a distinctive dinner experience, local libations, and great company in a beautiful venue.


Interested in becoming a sponsor? Giving at any sponsorship level will help Wellspring Women’s Center continue to provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Your contribution improves the lives of women and children that deserve a nurturing gathering place! Please call or email Jodi at 916.454.9688 x205 or jodi@wellspringwomen.org and she will be happy to discuss sponsorship options with you.



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